Augusta Whale Watching Season

Whale Watching season kicks off as the first Humpback Whales check into to Flinders Bay over the June Long weekend.

The Humpbacks are here for a short rest before continuing on their long journey to breed and give birth in the warmer waters up north. The Southern Right Whales, which are seen later in the season, are visiting Augusta to breed and give birth to their calves. If you are lucky enough to go on board one of our local Whale Watching Tours, you will see the different behaviours displayed by these two magnificent species.

The Humpback Whales show aggressive behaviour during this time of the year. The juvenile male Humpbacks are trying to find themselves a female escort for their long trip to the warmer waters of Exmouth. This type of behaviour is called ‘courting’. Quite often the female whales will use the boat as a guard from the male whales fighting over her. This activity tends to include five or more males who are pectoral slapping, head lunging, tail slapping and quite often the whales will let out a loud grunt to catch the attention of the one solo female that they are all chasing. This behaviour is amazing to see!

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image taken on board Legend Charters

The Southern Right Whales stop into Flinders Bay to breed and give birth to their calves. These whales aren’t as easily found as the Humpback Whales as they are tucked close into shore with the shallow waters. The main behaviour the Southern Right Whales display is logging (sleeping on the surface). They tend to be ‘lazy’ animals and don’t usually seem as energetic as the Humpback Whales, but when they become curious, they are incredible to see.

Augusta Whale Watching Tours can be booked from Mandalay Reception (see all of our local tour operators and take your pick here!). We can also give you a few ideas of different attractions, breweries, wineries, restaurants and more to call into your way to or from Augusta.

The Augusta whale season finishes early September, so be sure to book your stay with us before the whales head away! View our family friendly accommodation here

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