Food Trucks at Mandalay

Here at Mandalay we aim to make your holiday with us as relaxed and carefree as possible. One of the things many of us miss on holiday is our morning coffee and some of our favourite dishes. So, we’ve solved that problem, by bringing them to you.

Yahava Mobile Espresso Vans are on site every day throughout the summer. Each van is staffed by an experienced barista, ready and waiting to give you your coffee fix, be it a flat white, a long black, a macchiato or any number of variations.

Food Trucks at Mandalay, Yahave Coffee

Busso Burgers

At Mandalay Resort, different food trucks arrive throughout the week. On Mondays throughout January you can treat yourself to Busso’s Burger Van where you’ll find delicious locally-produced burgers. Busso’s Burger offers dinner and lunch, and if you should need it, coffee too.

Food Trucks at Mandalay, Busso Burgers

Pofferties Pancake Bar

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll find a special culinary treat at Mandalay. The food van from Pofferties Pancake Bar is on site all summer long and offering our guests the best poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) and crepes (sweet  and savoury) outside of Europe.

Food Trucks at Mandalay, Profferties Pancake Bar

Salento Pizza & Claudio Biscotti

On Saturdays we have a double treat; Salento Pizza and Claudio Biscotti. Salento Pizzeria has a reputation for being one of best in the area. They produce authentic, artisan, wood-fired pizza in a huge selection of flavours. They are at Mandalay, 5.30-7.30 every Saturday evening all summer.

Close by at the same time you’ll find the Claudio Biscotti van. Their Italian cakes and biscuits make a perfect follow-up to one of Salento’s a delicious pizzas.

Food Trucks at Mandalay, Salento Pizza
Food Trucks at Mandalay, Carlo Biscotti

Spice Journey Curry

Every Sunday during the summer we have curry on wheels! With a great selection of dishes from mild to super spicy, the Spice Journey van offers some of the best Indian food in the region.

Food Trucks at Mandalay, Spice Journey

So, if you simply want your morning coffee or a gourmet dinner, Mandalay has it covered.

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